Gambia Scouts

Day 22: Chilling Out

Today has been a welcome break from the hectic schedule of the last few weeks. Omar took me to the local beach and the contrast between what the tourists see and what the people live is noticable. But what was also noticable was the lack of tourist. Probably because it is early in the season but the fear of ebola has had a big effect on tourism throughout Africa. The fears are unfounded and staying away from places like Gambia because of that fear is like not going to Spain.because of a problem in Scotland.

When we came back they showed me a traditional campfire meal here made from fried ground nut, fish, rice, peppers, and spices. it Was called (drumroll here please, the Gambian Scouts will know what this is about)… ok I admit I have forgotten AGAIN. no… Remember Bahala .

Later Omar and I Went for a walk down to the fish market and to meet two more Scout leaders.

We are now all sat around in camp relaxing while the evening meal is prepared…

All is well in this part of the world.

Tomorrow. Omar is taking me to his home village.


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So glad you have some companionship and agree it is sad about the tourists. We westerners think we are so clever but most really ignorant when it comes to geography or going off the beaten track

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