Day 54: An unscheduled departure from the vertical

Distance: 450km
I am on the road again at last. I left Accra at 8am and headed North West. I entered Ghana on the East side so am travelling up the West side of the river Volta to leave by different scenery. So far I am not disappointed.

The area is lush and green with banana, plantain, pineapple, mango, palm and cocoa trees. The river views have been spectacular plus I had a ferry crossing.

The road had been paved for the first half of the journey but the second part was unpaved. This is where I had my unscheduled departure from the vertical. I suddenly found a ravine across the road created by water. It had just finished a thunderstorm so the road was muddy and slippery. I stopped in time but in trying to go around the edge of it I lost balance and landed on the floor with the bike pinning my boot sole -the sole was half detached so I have pulled it off. Two local lads rushed over and helped me pick up the bike. No harm done, just my ego was hurt.
I am now camped in the middle of nowhere. Just the occasional vehicle can be heard and the crickets. Oh yes – and the man with the machette who just walked past about 20m away and gave a friendly wave 😯

Nos da (Welsh for good night)

Northern Region, Ghana

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