Sierra Leone Street Child

Day 64: After Ebola

My third day of visiting Street Child projects was to a village south of Makeni. I have done a seperate blog for that.

In the evening Rashinda, Alfred (both work for Street Child) and I went out for a meal with some people who work for the International Medical Corps.


Some were testing vaccine effectiveness and one was DNA testing the virus to trace it’s infection path through the population by tracking minute changes in the virus’s gene sequence. I found it fascinating and although I was invited to see their labs i am afraid i do not have time.

Alfred told us about during the rebel war he worked for the Hansi orphanage. When the rebels came he and others walked the children into the bush to escape. They hid there for several months until the rains came. They then used the rivers to get to Freetown. These people have been through so much.

Tomorrow I go to Freetown to meet some more Scouts.

Makeni, Northern Province, Sierra Leone

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