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Day 4: Vinyards to Mountains

Distance: 340km, Start: Bordeaux, France, End: Pamplona, Spain

Yesterday after leaving the ferry I forgot the bike maintenance checks so last night I wrote a check list. The people looking through the dining area window seemed impressed as they watched me going through the list, checking fluids, adjusting chain, checking tyres… They did not seem so impressed when the bike promptly fell over when I tried too drive away. Note to myself.. add “remove disk lock” to my list. Also remember not to panic if engine fails to start after dropping the bike… it is probably still in gear. In case anyone missed my embarrassment I accidentally pressed the horn as I lifted the bike.


Day 3: A big push South through France

Distance: 640km, Start: Caens, France, End: Bordeaux, France.
I had a massive push today to get through France and down to the warmer weather.

A big thank you to all the people I met today on the boat and at service areas who stopped to chat and wish me luck.

It was all on motorways today and although the rain stayed away, there was enough of a drissle to make me stop and put on waterproofs. I was definitely ready to stop when I arrived in Bordeaux and made straight for the first hotel. It is VERY basic but the room is clean.
I always planned to do a long day today, I have ridden and driven through France lots of times before so I do not want to waste time. I plan to cross into Spain tomorrow when i will slow down and start avoiding motorways when I can.

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Ferry departure delayed

I had an email from Britanny Ferries today.  My ferry has a stabiliser fault and has been taken out of service.  I am rebooked on the Portsmouth Caenes route the following day.


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Ferry Booked and other preparations

I am booked on the Portsmouth to Le Havre ferry for the 25th March. Other things done include getting an International drivers permit (£5) and applying for a Visa to the Democratic Republic of Congo by post (£150).