Bye bye Southampton

After two days resupplying and meeting my mum, stepdad and uncle, I cast of from the marina late morning and made my slow way down the Solent. Winds were light to non existent but I had plenty of time so resisted the urge to turn on the engine. Tacking back and forth across a busy shipping channel is fun. A couple of times I turned off the wind to allow big ships to pass. I don’t think the rule power gives way to sail applies when the sail is a tiny boat and the power is a container ship.

I am anchored off Calshot for the night. The wind is forecast from the North so although its a bit bumpy as ships pass and currents are strong, I will be sheltered from the wind. I will be monitoring the anchor alarm a lot while here.

Queen Mary 2
View from the anchorage
Car transporter

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