Strong Westerly Winds

I stayed three nights in Poole Haven marina to avoid the worst of a few storms passing through the area. Today I returned to the anchorage by old Harry rocks and Studland Bay because although the winds have died down, they are still mainly from the West which is where I am trying to go. I plan to spend a couple of days here doing some fishing. The weather is set to improve from next Tuesday.

After dropping anchor, a coastguard weather warning of gales tomorrow came over the radio 🤔😳. I checked the forecast before I left and strong winds were forecast for Sunday, not gales. I check various online forecast sites and they do not agree with the gales prediction.

I decided for peace of mind, I would drop the second anchor now so I can sleep soundly tonight. I am protected from the wind direction by the headland plus l know the holding is good here with sand plus the currents are not strong here.

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