Near Collision

While sailing into Weymouth today a motor yacht came up from behind me on my starboard side, he was on a similar heading to me put our paths were merging. He was under motor power, I was under sail so I had priority. He will change course or speed in a minute or two…. Has he seen me?…. errr, we are going to collide so I started shouting across to him, a man and woman on deck were busy looking down, they looked up…. and just looked, did not change course… OK I was getting frantic now, pointing at my sails shouting “I have priority” finally they reacted and steered Starboard, they matched my speed and course and were about 10 meters from me – far too close. They seemed happy with that, I wasn’t. I shouted across and pointed in the direction I needed to go, finally they slowed and passed astern of me.

4 thoughts on “Near Collision”

  1. John Charles Douglas Barrett

    So you are an old sea dog! Little different than a tug boat up Southampton water, still we all have to start somewhere. This is your Dad if you are in any doubt. I got the link via Steven. My phone needs to be recharged but will contact you later. My have something that’ may interest dad

  2. Remember you’re always welcome to come up past and pick your sister for a little jaunt around the coast 🤣🤘🏻🖤

    1. But its cold up there, covered in rocks and full of Scots; i read about them in a history book once, even the Romans were scared of them!
      If you get the opportunity to travel to somewhere further South, we have this great big fireball in the sky called the sun, it keeps things warmer. From seeing Scottish tourists on sunny holidays, it does tend to turn your Scottish bodies from white to bright pink within a couple of days so be carefull.

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