Missing cup

I am moving west at a reasonable pace and hope to go around lands end today. A major milestone in my trip to West Wales. I’ve seen some stunning coastlines but had a couple of small setbacks.

The Lizard Peninsular

Setback one is my wind speed measuring device (anemometer) has been unreliable and as its at the top of the mast I can do nothing about it yet. I can see that one of the three cups is missing, an easy repair when I get the opportunity to get up there.

Setback two was as we were leaving Falmouth Dottty followed me onto the pontoon as I was slipping the lines. Normally she jumps on and off without problem but this time she had her lifehacket on. The top of this touched the safety rail halting her mid leap and there gravity took over, splosh she was in the water. Fortunately there is a handle on the top of her lifejacket so I lifted her in. She looked very confused.

Setback three was the lizard peninsular. This is notorious for its tidal race. I had the tide with me but wind was against so it made for some big rolling seas that I had to motor through. OK this is not really a setback thats just sailing but hey it made a better headline.

I am currently crossing Penzance Bay with the engine running because of light winds. Forecast is for it to pick up later but the next few days are looking bad for sailing, good for everyone else with little wind. I want to get to St Ives then will reassess but I may be there a few days.

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