Still in Aberystwyth

Due to continuing Northerly winds, we are still at Aberystwyth and likely to be here until next week at least. We have still managed to do some sailing though.

Ffion at the helm, checking the wind direction indicator.

We sailed up the coast on Wednesday, very light winds meant that we went backwards in the current several times but we used that time to fish, sing and listen to music. Ffion has a fantastic voice, especially when she ups the volume and belts out a tune. Fortunately for me she likes the same kind of music as i do, so I had my own personal concert featuring the likes of Queen, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and even some heavy metal numbers.

We took a bus ride yesterday to pick up Ffions car and plan to do as much driving practice as we can in the unfamiliar roads of Aberystwyth and surrounding area. Ffion proved on the drive back here that she is a good and competent driver. We just need to overcome some driving test nerves.

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