Long winter

Wow, it’s over two months since my last blog entry 😳 I am sure nobody noticed 🤣

Up until New year’s eve, I was working 5 nights a week in Tescos from 5pm till midnight and on my days off I usual either went to Ffions or she came up to stay on the boat with me. We spent Christmas and New year together too. I have done some smaller maintenance jobs on the boat but not much. From now until mid March I will work two nights a week at Tescos and spend more time working on the boat. I have booked a lift out for February to renew the hull anti fouling and check some through hull stopcocks.

The New Year is here though and a new start. I have dismantled then re installed the new V berth to paint the new wood and and put up some insulation against the hull. Condensation is always been an issue in here and the superwrap insulation seems to be working so far. I have done the starboard side, I now need to do port side.

Underneath modified v berth

My current plan is to leave Aberystwyth marina at the end of March, sail back to Southampton, spend a couple of weeks there with family and wait for a good weather window to cross the channel and head South toward the Mediterranean in May or June.

For regular readers with curious minds (nosey), Ffion will not be coming with me when I sail South. We have had a great time together over the last 7 months but our futures lie on different paths. We have both always known and accepted this. I think and hope we will both be happier, richer and better people having spent so much time together. I would like to thank her publicly for the fun, the singing, the company, the long chats, the tapas, the hugs, the sailing, the driving, the theme parks, the fancy dress, the shopping trips and giving me the courage to try new things 🥰. I would also like to thank her parents, her brothers, sister in law, nieces and nephews for making me welcome and trusting me with Ffion.

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