Having a clean bottom

Lady Cindy has spent the last two weeks out of the water to have her bottom cleaned; we all need one of those.

No issues were found with the hull, so we rubbed her down and applied new anti foul. The blue section got polish and a touch-up wherever the gel coat was damaged. All the through-hulls were checked and serviced.

The next time she is lifted, I want to rub down, fair, and repaint the blue as well as re align the white boot line because its a little high at the bow and low at the stern.

Ffion and I have had a great time when not working; we have been taking the dogs to training (Dotty watched), had days out with friends, and generally enjoyed life.

What’s next?

We have a very busy week ahead with plans ashore as well as preparing to leave Aberystwyth Marina next week. We hope to sail down to New Quay to anchor for a short while before heading south to Southampton.

3 thoughts on “Having a clean bottom”

  1. As your Mum I know the importance of having a clean bottom 😂😂 So looking forward to seeing you next month 🤗

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