Preparing to head South

The last few weeks have been spent doing the last few jobs getting ready to head South for the summer, it’s not all work though, we have done fun stuff as well; I have finished working at Tescos. At the moment I am waiting for a few storms to blow through before sailing to Southampton and then on to the Mediterranean.

Test sail to New Quay

The original plan was to leave the marina, sail to New Quay to anchor a day or two and then sail down to Southampton. Strong Northerly winds put paid to that so we changed it to a day sail with Carys and Ffion to New Quay and back. The trip down was done under motor in mist and no wind but by the afternoon the winds arrived giving a great sail. It was a good test of systems not used for a few months and gave me a few jobs to work on the following couple of days.

At the moment, it’s looking like the weather will improve toward the end of this week. If it does give a few days window, I will get to Milford Haven via Fishguard.

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  1. I plan to spend 1 to 2 years in the med and then decide where next, crossing the Atlantic is the next likely destination if i continue.

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