Milford Haven to St Ives

Winds were good to cross the Bristol Channel but with good winds come choppy seas. For the first time on Lady Cindy I felt queezy. It lasted about 3 hours before the seas started to calm a little and so did my stomach. I wasn’t sick and I have been in worse conditions but I think it started at dusk when I would have lost the horizon as a fix for my eyes.

I arrived in St Ives at dawn, dropped anchor, had a meal and spent the rest of the day napping and reading.

I left St Ives about 8.30 this morning after a few chores and plan to get around at least as far as Penzance, preferably further but with no winds and under motor at the moment, that looks unlikely. I want to get to the safety of Falmouth by Wednesday because a storm is predicted for then. It should only last a couple of days giving me a clear run along the South Coast.

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  1. Probably you weren’t sick recently because you’ve been static for a while also when FFion aboard you have been responsible for her health and safety and it diverted your attention from your own discomfort. Spoke to Steven today gave him sn update but he says he is following your blog and like me feeling a little trepidation anxiety for you safety. Love Mum xx

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