Plans Re-written (again)

I spent the first part of this week finalising plans to sail across the Channel. As I had to wait a week to get Dotty’s animal health certificate, I decided to hire a car and go to see Ffions family doing their first live gig since before Covid. The hire cost per week was not much more than the 3 days I needed so I booked it for a whole week and have spent the entire time with Ffion.

Ffions parents have been preparing to move house and in the process her Dad has made an already bad back much worse. So I have volunteered to stay with them for a while to help with the heavy lifting. There is a lot of work needed at both the new house and at their field. Its not all hard work though. I get to use a mini digger and spent more time with Ffion and her family.

The boat is going to be moved to Deacons Marina at Swanwick where it will be lifted and stored ashore, its cheaper than a pontoon mooring. At the end of August she will be put back in the water and I will cross the Channel in September.

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