Sark, Channel Islands

My plan last night was to do a night sail back to Guernsey. It was the first opportunity to move for several days due to high winds and a sequence of storm fronts moving through the Channel.

I got as far as the outer harbour entrance in bumpy seas and noticed a line flying around over my head… that’s not a line, that’s the stern shroud (the wire running from the top of the mast to the back of the boat.. it holds the mast up 😳).

Panic!!! No… stay calm… I quickly got the engine running, furled the headsail and dropped the mainsail and turned back to the harbour. On the way I figured out what went wrong. The shroud is attached to the boat via a thick clevis pin which should not be able to work loose due to a retaining pin. Both pins were missing. Fortunately I have spares.

I anchored outside the marina, did the repairs and went to bed.

I set off about 9.30am, conditions were good with at one point 7.5 knots of tide pushing the boat up to just over 11.5 knots.

I made good progress as far as Alderney but then wind dropped and tides were against me. Heading too far East I switched on the engine and motor sailed to Sark where I am anchored for the night.

2 thoughts on “Sark, Channel Islands”

  1. So proud of you. This trip is certainly not easy for you. Good job you are so resilient and practical. Hope all is well now and the weather stays good go or you tomorrow. Keep safe and sleep tight but most importantly keep safe 💕💕

  2. Hi John, Glad you are well and coping with what Neptune is throwing at you.
    My first sailing experience, some thirty odd years ago was a flight to Guernsey with my non-sailing husband, boarding the owners, Reg, yacht in St.Peter Port, and setting sail to Herm, Sark, Jersey (where we picked up Reg’s wife Barbara) and off again to St.Malo on the French side.
    You talk about charts ,we never saw one on board.Reg being a native of Guernsey carried everything in his head.
    After a fantastic two week in and out of marinas, channel and çanals we returned to Jersey for a flight back to Manchester,
    What was the first thing we did on our return …. join a course for yacht club handling, sign up to the RYC navigation courses, not forgetting First Aid
    I admire you for your sense of adventure and guts.
    Keep safe and look after your four legged deck hand,
    Looking forward to reading more of your voyage and seeing you a you.
    God Bless.
    Chris c

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