A Coruña to Muros

We left A Coruña after waiting for a weather window and a package sent from the UK and are now in Muros waiting for yet another storm to pass on Monday. The current forecast then gives at least a week of good weather to move South to Portugal.

While in A Coruña we did some boat maintenance. We had a rigger up the mast to replace a broken halyard and replace a nav light bulb. The light is still not working so I will need to get a new light fitting. I also got strengthening strips sewn onto both sides of the main sail where it has been rubbing against the stays, a stitch in time?

Biscay has not been a pleasant sailing experience mainly because of frequent storms and big rolling Atlantic waves mixed with locally generated waves from a different direction. Nelly has suffered from seasickness and I have felt queezy on several occasions; but we did it and things should improve as we head South.

We arrived in Muros today and ate out in a seafood restaurant. Calamari pie was new to me but was delicious. A big storm is passing through in the next 24 hours so we are in the marina for 2 nights, maybe 3. Its less than 1/2 the price of a UK marina.

At either Porto or Lisbon a friend of Nellie’s may be joining the boat for a short stay and I may take advantage of having a dog sitter to fly back to the UK for a week or two. I have had to deal with several emotionally difficult situations recently and want to spend time with people I love.

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  1. So glad you are safe in a marina with the storm brewing.? Sorry about seasickness it is horrible I was always sick on the Africa n Queen even tied up to the dock. Make sure you have a safe passage to PortoSteven strays at Iain’s at Hillheadv3 nights a week as he works nights from there and the other nights here at Hillhead where you will be able to join him. Just hope I will be better then I think it is the first round of immunotherapy and too many noisy visitors yesterday made me feel groggy today safe sailing xx Mum

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