Arrived in Gibraltar

It’s taken a lot longer than expected but I have finally arrived at the gateway to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar. Its been a difficult journey with bad weather, rough seas, finding out my mother is very ill, feeling low at times plus other difficulties. But we have done it, we are here and I feel fantastic.

Sunrise at The Rock.

We arrived at night so threaded our way through the busy harbours of Gibraltar on one side, Algecires on the other, I don’t think I have seen so much traffic on AIS, even in the Solent. We dropped anchor on the Spanish side at La Linea and took a well earned sleep after 3 days and 2.5 nights of non stop sailing.

The next day we moved to the marina and spent a few days looking around, shopping, fixing things and chilling. Today we moved to Ocean marina in Gibraltar so technically we are back in the UK 🇬🇧.

This is a big milestone because we switch from travelling mode with a destination, to wandering mode where we can go in any direction. At the moment I am think Balaerics then across to Italy and Malta. I will stay in and around Gibraltar for a week or two first.

Tomorrow, we get a new guest aboard. Marina will be joining us for a week. We plan some sight seeing, sailing, fishing and possibly a trip to Africa, about 3 hours away across the strait.

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