Mahon and Mayonaise

I have sailed from Mallorca to Menorca and currently anchored in what to me is heaven. I am just outside the port of Mahon at a sheltered bay surrounded by post Napoleonic fortifications (1848). The bay is protected on all sides from the wind.

I arrived yesterday and went out on the dinghy this morning to explore and take Dotty for a walk. I was thinking I could come back to the fort later without Dotty to explore. No need, dogs are allowed in 🤗. It was fascinating and another example of humans spending huge amounts if money, time and effort in building weapons and defences that barely saw a shot fired in anger. It was built to house massive front loading cannons, just before breach loaded guns were invented with greater accuracy and range, making the whole place obsolete. It did continue as a defensive position but never as it was designed for.

Mayonnaise I hear you ask? Or did you not read the title of this post? Well a French guy named a sauce after Mahon when he returned to Paris. The same sauce we now call Mayonnaise. I love these little social facts you pick up in strange places.

Mayonnaise History

I am in no rush to leave here, I want to go and explore the town while I’m here. I may use the dinghy for that, or I may go to the marina next week. The winds are in the wrong direction to sail to Sardinia until at least the middle of next week.

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  1. I am so glad you have found somewhere idyllic and can stay long enough to enjoy it this time with no timescale driving you on so fast you have time for discoveries like Mayonnaise. We ,none of us , would have been any the wiser! Love egg mayonnaise sandwiches and I think People in Holland would die if there was no mayonnaise to put on their chips! 😂 . The photos are great , keep them coming. We went to Majorca twice, loved it especially the crazy golf course we found full of water features fish and turtles . Don’t forget anywhere you can’t take Dotty google local dog rescue centres for a donation pretty sure they would take her for the day Or two . Do they let dogs on local buses and trains there? Keep the dream alive and be happy😘😘🥰💕 love Mum xx

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