Patty and Mahon to Sardinia

After spending a week waiting for the right winds to cross to Sardinia where I hoped to meet Patty, plans were changed (again πŸ™„). Instead Patty (who is Patty? You may ask.. be patient all will be revealed πŸ˜‰) flew to Mahon and met me at the marina. After a few days at anchor in Mahon we have crossed and now anchored near Alghero.

Patty (Patricia) is a lady I met via a Facebook sailing forum and have been chatting to online for a few weeks. She responded to a post I put up about the realities of loneliness when travelling solo. Patty is also a solo traveller, originally from Argentina but lived most of her adult life in California but more recently in Italy. She wanted to join me for a few days en route back to the USA. We have found an instant connection, so she has sailed with me to Sardinia and will travel to the USA from here in a few more days.

Although that’s great news, there’s more… she will be back in late July when we hope to make more plans.

We will relax, sail and explore around Alghero for a few more days. After Patty flies off I will sail up to Corsica then across to Tuscany. I will then explore south down to Rome, Naples and Sicily. Patty will rejoin me somewhere along that coast.

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  1. Sounds like you have met a kindred spirit. I hope everything works out well for you both the loneliness of the long distanced sailor is not all it’s cracked up to be. When she comes back you can both plot your course for exciting experiences to share and sights to see in Italy. Good luck and good health to you both xxx

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