Don’t argue with mother nature

It seems mother nature does not want me to travel to Wales yet. The winds were supposed to be South Westerly, ideal for sailing West but forecasters were wrong, its blowing Westerly so lots of tacking back and forth if I move now.

I went out anyway hoping it would change later and did have a great sail. But I realised that to get round the next headland, and Lulworth military range which was active today, I would have had to go out several more miles and there were big rolling seas out there from yesterday’s wind. I decided discretion was the better part of valour and headed to anchor at Swanage for the night then head to Poole tomorrow morning to shelter from big winds due Thursday and friday.

Swanage from the bay

It’s a good job I am not working to a schedule.

1 thought on “Don’t argue with mother nature”

  1. John Charles Douglas Barrett

    Take it easy sailing any where around the waters between England and Ireland I always remember the losses from the around Britain race a few years back. I lost a good friend in that race.

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