Exciting day

It started foggy so that put paid to my plan to leave early to get through Hurst at slack water. By the time I got there, the tide was racing, the wind had dropped and was coming directly from the West, where I wanted to go. I motored through, and caught a mackerel on the way.

The castle was damaged by storms a couple of months ago, they have started work on sea defences.

After Hurst, the wind picked up, and so did the waves, by the time I reach my anchorage outside Poole Harbour, it was getting exciting. I must admit to being apprehensive, thats a posh word for scared. I need not have been, once I got used to the boat heeled right up to the gunwales, the bow slaming into the trough of waves, spray coming right over the cockpit, it was fine 😳. Its about building confidence, now I have more in both mine and the boats abilities.

This was after it calmed down

I am anchored behind old Harry’s rocks near Poole and have so far caught 3 more mackerel and two dogfish that went back. The wind is really strong and forecast to get worse tomorrow. I will see in the morning but may sit it out another day, the wind is from the South West so I am well protected here. I can do some more fishing 😁

Old Harry Rocks

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  1. John Charles Douglas Barrett

    Dog fish renamed by fish and chip shops as rock salmon can be tasty, try it sometime.

    1. I have, I will eat it but not the best or worth the hassle of skinning, especially if you have nowhere to bang a nail through it to help skinning.

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