Southampton to Yarmouth

Great sailing from Town Quay to Fawley then the wind died, I put the motor on to get past the Hamble entrance because it was busy and bumpy because of all the motorboats coming in and out, I left it on until past Calshot and then more or less drifted from there to Lymington at about 3-4 knots, the currents are strong in the Solent. Whilst making a cup of tea, the wind suddenly picked up so good sailing again. I have stopped at Yarmouth because it was about 4pm and very few places to stop after here until and I did not fancy sailing at night. Wind tonight is South Westerly so I should be well sheltered here at night. The biggest risk is the anxhor dragging in the current but it was racing through when I anchored so it should be fine. The turn of the tide when it pulls the other way is the time to be ready with the second anchor if needed.

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