A lot is happening

I am still anchored in New Quay, braved a passing storm at anchor and have been deciding on what to do this winter.

The Atlantic storm passed to the South through the English Channel but any Northerly winds can whip up a big swell in New Quay. I watched the forecast carefully in case it veered North, set a kedge anchor to hold the boat close to the waves and rode it out knowing it would be less than 24 hours to pass. It was a bit rolly and the main anchor slipped a few meters but the kedge caught it and we held in place. We survived 💪. I was awake most of the night and ready to move out to sea if needed.

An Atlantic storm passing through to the South of me.
The worst winds locally were Southerly so not an issue for me in New Quay

I have two options this winter, either sail South to the med or the Canaries in October or shelter in the UK and work on the boat till the Spring and then sail South. I have got a quote from Aberystwyth marina to stay there 6 months from October and I think that is likely to be my choice. Its convenient, I can lift out for maintenance and I can get some boat interior changes done. I may even be able to find work locally to top up my funds.

Ffion has been at home the last few days which has given us both time to step back and consider whether she should come back to stay on the boat for the summer. The decision is….. damn right yes, at least until one of us feels like throwing the other overboard, she is returning today.

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