To Ireland… or not

We decided to take a trip over to Ireland for a few days, it would be my longest passage so far and first night sail on Lady Cindy. We set of with light winds but they were Westerly, the forecast was for North Westerly. The winds were variable but light so we motorsailed intermittently in the hope the winds would pick up. Overnight we had good wind but in the morning, just past Fishguard they died completely so on went the engine again.

We named this one curly because it had a curl in the tip of it’s fin
Dolphins escorting us away from New Quay

I checked the updated wind forecast and it was obvious we were not going to be able to cross in the very light winds so decided to divert around St David’s Head to Milford Haven and reassess.

In the distance I saw what looked like a half sunk boat drifting, I diverted to investigate and found a stand up paddle board, a radio call to the Coastguard revealed they had one reported missing the previous day that matched the description. They contacted the owners, who contacted us, and arranged for them to collect when we reached anchorage.

We took the cut through Ramsey Sound but got caught out by the tidal race so had to pick up a mooring bouy to wait for the tide to turn. While there the paddleboard owners came to collect it an a trip boat skipper helped get it ashore. A quick Google search showed it was a very expensive board so no doubt they were pleased to get it back.

After the wait, we had good winds all the way into Milford Haven and Dale anchorage. And saw lots of dolphins and Puffins on the way.

Today we have had a chill out day but have been out in the tender fishing and caught some Pollock and found a nice beach for a barbecue later. Also done a few jobs on the boat.

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