Summer coming to an end

I have had a fantastic first summer living on Lady Cindy, the regular company of Ffion aboard made it special, we have had so much fun. Its not all been a bed of roses though, plans were made and changed all the time. Flexibility is an absolute must for this lifestyle. I have had diy jobs that i had to redo, some several times, until i got things right, i have had my low moments, but without them you would not appreciate the highs. I have done many miles of sailing (i will work out how far some day soon) sailed in lots of different conditions and got a good feel for how Lady Cindy handles and likes to be trimmed. I have spent time in New Quay talking to old friends and customers. Looking back on it, I definitely made the right choice for this lifestyle and looking forward to the next steps.

So whats next? I am booked into Aberystwyth marina for six months and plan to use that time to refit the interior with better storage, lift the boat out of the water for hull maintenance and spend time with Ffion and other friends. Next April I will sail South via Southampton to say farewell to family there and then head South to the Med for the Summer.

These are just random photos from my phone taken since I moved aboard that remind me of a few of the many things I have done…

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