In Aberystwyth for the Winter

I have moved the boat to Aberystwyth Marina on a 6 month winter mooring package a week earlier than planned. The weather has changed this week with a colder and windier outlook.

When preparing to leave Aber laat week, i noticed a leaking fuel hose, I managed to find a replacement online.

Leaking pressurised fuel line

During the winter I have lots of plans for doing improvements based on my first 6 months experience living on the boat. I want to move the anchor winch further forward, improve interior storage spaces, lower the front V berth beds to give more headroom, make the table a drop sided one so i dont need to keep putting it away when not in use, I also want to get the boat lifted out for anti fouling and other hull maintenance

I also have other things i want to do this winter. It’s Ffions birthday and driving test next month so today Ffion and I have a 3 day trip to Alton Towers planned, it should be a lot of fun plus great driving experience for Ffion with new unfamiliar roads and following SatNav.

Ffion and her dad need help up at the field to do some work in the farm shed and they are also preparing for a house move.

I want to restart developing some computer software etc which will eventually provide me with an income.

I also want to do sone winter sailing to gain more experience before heading off to the Med.

I think I have a very busy winter ahead of me šŸ™‚

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