Can you have too much fun?

No, of course not 😊 A three day trip to Alton Towers that turned into four days, plus Ffions birthday week (why just have one day when can have a week?). Smiles and laughter have been the theme.

Ffions mum looked after Dotty while we were away. She howled, escaped across a busy road looking for me, climbed on the kitchen sides to look for me out of the window and pood in their front room. Does anyone have a collar of shame i can borrow for a month 🥺

Meanwhile Ffion and I were doing this…

We had so much fun we booked an extra day.

This week its Ffions birthday so had chinese with her parents and her niece, went to Folly Farm and moved a sheep at her field..

Today I got the wood needed to start structural changes to the interior of Lady Cindy and later will drive down to Ffions parents to stay overnight. We plan an early start for a day out.

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  1. John Charles Douglas Barrett

    Dotty solution, buy a scarf wear it close to neck to transfer body smells.wear it whenever you are with Dotty. When you have to leave put it around Dotty’s neck.the results depend on Dotty’s temperament. Either it w byill comfort her or if she is angry with you and she’ will rip it up. I have had both results from different dogs.

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