A week ashore

An overnight stay at Ffions parents house has turned into a week of driving, truck racing, car repairs and landscaping.

We drive to Cardiff and back via Swansea to see some friends and the car behaved flawlessly. The next day when driving to get some dog food there was a horrible scraping noise from the right rear. The shock absorber lower mounting bracket had rusted and broke. Luckily as a horse owner, Ffion had lots of baler twine in the car so we made a temporary fix to get back. The car is in a garage and we are in the process of sourcing a replacement bracket.

Baler twine fix to the car

We went to Pembrey to see the truck racing and had a BBQ for lunch.

This week, as well as helping Ffions dad move scaffolding and using a mini digger to move tons of soil, we hope to get a scrap car to strip for parts for Ffions car.

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