I spent about a week in Motril, it’s a lovely place and a refreshing change from the other Costas towns. The people are friendly, the views of the mountains stunning and I got a lot of boat maintenance done.

First job when I arrived was to got to a local vets to get Dotty a European pet passport. Up till now she has been travelling on a UK issued animal health certificate which has expired. The pet passport allows lifetime travel throughout Europe and simplifies entry into a lot of non EU countries. Dotty is officially a European 🙂

Then boat maintenance started. The most important was to pay somebody to go up the mast to install a new light. It’s a combined navigation and anchor light and led. He was up there for nearly 4 hours, it should have taken 1 hour tops but it was uncomfortable up there so I am sure the problems he had were genuine. I rewired down below and it all works great.

Other jobs included a new stern navigation light, fixing the transom toe rail that broke a few weeks ago, new gearbox oil, new mast steaming light bulb plus a few other minor jobs.

I am now making my way West then North toward Valencia.

2 thoughts on “Motril”

  1. John Charles Douglas Barrett

    Hi John, A small note about the electrical connecting block. I remember using them on one of my boat’s, unless they have improved the metal block, they have a habit of rusting after a short period of time and the connection is lost. They also can become very hot when the connection becomes bad. Glad you are doing well enjoy, Dad.

    1. I agree, it’s a temporary connection until I cam get a decent waterproof connector, the ones I had there before were supposed to be waterproof but 12 months later were corroded. They are well wrapped in tape until I find a suitable connector. They are at the base of the mast.

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