Motril to Garrucha

A cold Mistral wind has been prevailing along this coast all week and is set to continue for another week. It has meant tacking into strong headwinds with 1-2 meter waves and rolly anchorages. I am sheltering in a marina at Garrucha.

While anchored I had a visit from the National police to inspect the boat and check my documents. They went away happy 🤗 My Facebook post at the time was..

Lady Cindy has been violated!!!
A big boat came alongside while we are anchored, it’s night and the first I knew was flashing torches at the window. Their boat had no lights on 😳. Two boarded my boat Lady Cindy and one searched inside, the other got his pen and pad and demanded my documents 😳😳 I handed them over…. Two forms later, they were satisfied and called back their ship.. which bumped into mine quite hard 😳😳😳 the two men jumped over and they were gone. The Spanish police are actually really friendly 🤣🤣🤗🤗

As soon as I get a weather window I plan to day sail to Aguilas where there is a week long festival of carnivals starting on the 16th.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan enjoy Aguilas but beware of pickpockets and buy your seat early on top tiers go up the street from the harbour to top and turn right get best view from top tier on right had side as you turn the corner as the floats have to slow there to turn left to go down to the harbour. Wear warm clothes and take food restaurants and cafes manic and overcharge for tables loos forget it nearest dark corner. As soon as carnival passes make your way back to harbour behind the tiers of seats if you go on the Saturday main parade it ends at harbour with massive firework display. Buy you seat in morning or lunchtime parade starts at 5 pm in Spanish lives that means about 6.15!! Takes 4”5 hours to go through so be prepared. You will have a ticket for your seat best check out in afternoon exact location and don’t lose your ticket! Plenty of stewards about and ticket sellers in front of tiers. That was what it was like the 2 years we went but as you know things change but it is Spain’s biggest national festival. Try and be in Majorca Santa Semana Easter Sunday also spectacular parades. In Cartegena also paid to buy a seat. Probably same in Majorca. Enormous religious floats carrried on about 40 men’s shoulders marched through the streets on Thursday or Friday night same again but they all dressed the same like Ku Klux Klan rather spooky need to be in Palma for this xxx

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