Two Years Living on Lady Cindy

It’s been two years now since I moved aboard my 32 foot sail boat. I have had good times, bad times great times, sad times but I know it was the best decision I have ever made for myself.

In that time I have travelled to West Wales and back, crossed the English Channel and Biscay alone, sailed with crew, sailed with friends, met new friends, seen hundreds of Dolphins, dodged Orcas, been frustrated, happy, sad, excited, proud, ashamed and every other emotion. But I feel alive, I am enjoying life, I like me.

My journey so far

So what’s next? I will continue up the Spanish coast over the next week or so then cross to Ibiza. Plans are underway for a friend to join me there to sail to Alcudia in Majorca. I will be spending up to two months there working on another boat before sailing to Corsica, Sardinia and the Italian West Coast. I then hope to sail all the way around Italy to Venis over the Summer. I have no definite plans for beyond that.

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