Ibiza and Majorca

From Altea I sailed up the coast and anchored overnight. The next evening I set off for a night sale to Ibiza. The seas were rough with a 4m swell and strong winds but we made very good progress and arrived in the early morning. I anchored overnight and the next morning I moved to Ibiza Marina where I resupplied with food and stayed 2 nights.

The next day I sailed along the South coast of Ibiza to an anchorage just at the tip of the island ready for the crossing to Majorca. On the way I passed 2 coastal towns one called Cala Longa the other Es Carna, the last time I was here was about 30 years ago on two seperate family holidays. My youngest daughter Lucy was still in a pushchair.

It was another rough crossing to Majorca and found a beautiful anchorage in a small bay and stayed there 2 nights. I am now motor sailing along the South coast of Majorca making my way up to the Marina where I’ll stay for up to 2 months.

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  1. Oh my goodness you’ve seen so much you should feel terribly proud of yourself. Beautiful pictures too.

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