I’m in Alcudiamar Marina For the next 2 months. It’s a lovely Marina less than 7 years old so everything’s new and modern. The town is very nice it’s sleepy because it’s out of season. Its a family resort so you don’t get the big clubs and noise that you would in Palma or Ibiza. I had a walk up to the Old Town.

I’m going to be working on somebody else’s boat for a while but also I need to get an International certificate of competence (ICC). It’s a bit of paper issued to prove that you can sail. It’s not legally required on a UK registered vessel, but as I found recently the police don’t necessarily know that and want to enforce the national rules which says a captains license is required. I will have the same problem at most European countries I visit so it’s easier just to get the certificate and then produce it when somebody asks for it.

I am booked onto a sailing course that will give me the certificate in Palma next week. The course is very expensive and I’ll need to hire a car but if I want that bit of paper. I have to bite the bullet and do it.

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