We set out from Salerno a week ago with the intention of making progress South toward Sicily. We only got as far as crossing the bay to Agropoli 🤣. We were waylayed by good company and bad weather.

However, that’s one of the things we both love about this lifestyle; the freedom of not having to rush anywhere.

We initially stayed because we met Liz and Peter and enjoyed socializing with them. Then the weather (winds) hit and we hunkered down on LC. We were well protected, the anchor held, and we finished seasons 3&4 of the series we were watching 🤯. We also made a good dent on the refrigerated supplies we’d stocked up in Salerno (which was needed, since socializing meant eating out more than we normally do).

Now we’re getting ready to go out to dinner with Liz and Peter. Tomorrow we might move on… or not… 🤣

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