Heading South

Dinner with Liz and Peter
My pink flamingo😍
Our neighborhood today
Exploring the caves
Returning to Lady Cindy

Before leaving Agropoli we had a wonderful dinner with our friends Liz and Peter at La Ruota in Perdifumo. Excellent company and meal.

There isn’t a picture of my face when I had the first bite of steak, but everyone commented on it (pure bliss!!). Good beef is not an easy find in Italy. Appropriately cooked, even less. This happened to be American beef perfectly medium rare. YUM

While in Agropoli, we entered a shop to get some sundries and we left with an inflatable flamingo… The back story: Several weeks ago we saw an inflatable flamingo on a boat and I kept teasing John asking why didn’t Lady Cindy have one? This store had a flamingo on display, and John, very sweetly, gifted me one. I’m a happy floater!

We got fresh fish yesterday morning and after swimming and floating on my flamingo we ate fish and chips (and our version of onion rings, scrumptious 😋).

This morning it was windy enough so we took off early. By noon we were at anchor, explored the caves, swam and we still have time to float and take the dinghy to the beach for a BBQ for dinner.

The water is cool and clear. There is some wind and temperatures in the high 20’s. What a wonderful life we lead!

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