Palinuro, Agropoli and return to UK

We really liked Palinuro. We had pristine water for swimming, breeze at night for comfortable sleep, and shops nearby. A little bit of paradise…

Since there were no winds predicted we decided to hang out there, initially for 5 days, but then we extended it…

John set up all the water toys, so we swam, cooked and explored. John worked on his app and, as most of you know, had a successful job interview. He got the job offer just 2 days later!

Given the change of long-term plans, we headed back north, to Agropoli. Enjoyed time Liz and Peter again while here, and we’ll stay longer. On Friday I’ll leave by train to Rome to catch my flight to Argentina.

John will head to Fiumicino, where we contracted with a marina to dock Lady Cindy. But he will do so slowly, hopefully enjoying the Amalfi Coast, as there should be less people along side it, since the marina can take the boat on the 15th of October.

John then has an appointment on October 28th (first available we could find…) with a transport service in Calais to cross the channel which is one of the only ways the UK will accept Dotty back… (the other option is as cargo on a flight). To get to Calais John and Dotty will be on trains for about 17 hours… (the fast train from Milan to Paris is not running until November due to a land slide). And, of course, once in the UK, the traveling will continue until he reaches the final destination…

For my part, I’ll arrive in Argentina just in time for Jazmín’s (grand niece) 4th birthday. We’ll (mom, sister, niece and grand niece) attend the Messi Cirque du Soleil performance in October and I’ll depart just after my sister’s birthday.

We may not post for awhile after this, as we will both be busy…

Until next time, folks!

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  1. Thankyou for the update Patty. What an adventure you have embarked on with John. I am jealous! 😘 I am so glad he can share it all with you. I do hope your trip to Argentina goes well and subsequent move to Newquay. John’s journey home sounds horrendous! Hope it all goes to plan he will be absolutely knackered once he touches base! Keep the news coming. Happy holidays xx

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