Gibraltar to Motril

The Spanish Costa del Sol coastal towns have held little interest to me being full of hotels, bars and clubs. I am glad to be passing out of season when they are quiet. The scenery on the other hand is stunning with mountains right up to the coast.

I am currently anchored in the harbour at Motril. I will stay here for a few days exploring and move on next week, weather permitting. I think I have found a vet willing to issue a pet passport for Dotty, I need to go to the clinic on Monday, cross fingers on that.

Loneliness has crept in a little bit again. I am determined to be positive though. I am taking steps to fight it, friends should expect a barrage of ” How are you?” messages soon 🤣 and those of you thinking of holidays this year, check out cheap flights to the med to join me for a week or two 🤗

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